Prepare for Success

What does success mean to you?  Many people define success in financial terms because numbers are a simple gauge.  A purely financial measure of success is not effective because numbers never tell the whole story.
Whether you are looking at personal or professional success, there is both a qualitative and quantitative aspect to success. For example, you may earn lots of money but have minimal time for people you care about.
Here are some tips to get on the path and be prepared for success:
1. Work from your strength – we’ve greatly appreciated Marcus Buckingham’s research in this area. He distinguishes a true strength from “something that you are good at” which is the widely accepted definition. True strength comes from your unique abilities. The more clear you are on your strengths and the more consistently you apply them, the greater measure of success you will realize.
2. Analyze your past success – most people are exceptionally good at identifying what went wrong. When is the last time you evaluated your day and paid attention to what went well? Look for your previous successes; determine what happened and how you can repeat it. You get more of what you focus on so why keep looking at shortcomings or failures?
3. Start today – don’t overthink this. Small steps in a new direction lead to radical new results. Start by considering the dimensions of success. In business this is about a future state vision. Personally this is about your family, friends and your future. There are priorities, outcomes and actions that get the results. Begin with the end in mind and determine what you need to start doing to get where you want to go.
Define what your “best year” looks like and prepare for success in 2014 by building on your strengths and repeating past successes. Don’t put off your preparation. Start today with creating your definition of success and get prepared for a great year.

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