Meetings That Matter

Are you frustrated by the number of meetings on your calendar or the lack of efficiency in the meetings you attend?  It is amazing that people fill their weeks with meetings and expect that somehow work is going to get done.
Billions of dollars are wasted on large groups of people gathering to have random conversations about a topic. These gatherings are mistaken for meetings.  A complete meeting consists of three key phases:

  1. Plan –  clearly define why you need to hold the meeting, the results that you want to accomplish and who needs to participate.  Meetings should be held to engage people in some outcome.  If you are only sharing information, rethink the need to have the meeting.
  2. Facilitate –  stick to the agenda and resolve to accomplish everything you need in LESS time than you scheduled; always capture the action items and decisions made during the meeting. Nothing is more frustrating than a meeting where the conversation meanders aimlessly and ends without accomplishing something.  Make your meetings matter by focusing on achieving the outcome you defined when you planned the meeting.
  3. Follow up –  meetings do not end when the time concludes, the final step is ensuring that the action items are completed and the decisions are acted upon.  Be a responsible meeting facilitator and capture what has been decided, who is committing to actions and when they will complete those actions.  Then send that information to all attendees.

Stop wasting time, make your meetings matter and boost your productivity.  For more information, check out this guide to more Effective Meetings.

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