Make Your Own Weather

While it makes sense to check the weather so you know whether to grab your sunglasses or umbrella when you walk out the door, it is not useful to allow the weather to dictate your day.
Autonomy is the state of functioning independently without extraneous influence. This is one of three motivating components that Dan Pink talks about in his book, Drive.
The interesting thing about autonomy is that it has a lot to do with personal choice and perception. You have a choice in the way that you respond to anything that happens. While you can’t change the facts you can change the way you perceive things.
Tips for changing your weather forecast:

  • Decide – when you get up in the morning, decide that you are going to have a great day. When life tries to convince you otherwise, find the blessing in the bad news.
  • Change your vantage point – when you are always looking into the horizon, you will never arrive at your destination. Take a moment and celebrate what’s been accomplished. Rejoice in what is rather than what isn’t.

You decide how to experience your life. So make your own mental weather. We wish you a balmy seventy plus degree day with a warm breeze and abundant sunshine.
* inspired by a conversation today with one of our favorite CEO’s

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