Look Back To Move Forward

Before you focus on resolutions or goals for the New Year, stop and reflect. What were the year’s milestones, challenges, accomplishments and the moments to remember?
December 21 came and went and you are still here. Take some time to compile, analyze and document your annual highlights. Creating a year in review enables you to recapture moments of glory from the blur of life.
Three benefits of an annual review include:

  1. See Patterns – identify patterns of performance that you can learn from. Plot your year’s performance data on a weekly or monthly basis. Then compare that data to similar time periods in the previous years and you will see patterns or trends emerging. Plan for 2013 using the trend information
  2. Find Strengths – as you look back at 2012, were there activities that energized you? What went well that you should do more of? What needs eliminated to make room for new opportunities? Find your strengths and then intentionally build on them.
  3. Celebrate – as time rushes by too often we forget what we’ve accomplished. A key motivator to sustain change is to celebrate success. Don’t let the year pass by without compiling what you’ve done and then celebrate it. You will be amazed at what you managed to achieve.

Before your train your gaze on the year ahead of you, look back. The patterns you see, strengths you find and celebration of success will fuel your 2013. It’s time to move forward.

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