Legendary Leadership

The true mark of a leader isn’t just the bottom line business results you produce, it’s the people you shape along the way. The legacy of your leadership is the leaders you develop throughout your leadership career.
At the Sonoma Signature Echelon Dinner, we sat next to Richard Arrowood, a legendary wine maker. If you enjoy wine, chances are that you’ve had a wine that he’s made. Although the brands have changed throughout the years, his talents shine through each bottle he’s made.
During the evening multiple, heart-felt tributes were made to Richard by vintners and wine makers from across the Sonoma Valley. People were lining up to share their best wines with him. We got to try a 1933 Petite Syrah, a 1990 Arrowood (that Richard made) and many other magnificent varietals and vintages.
Someone at our table noticed the number of wine makers who gave credit to Richard for their success and asked how many he’s nurtured over the years. He said that there are over twenty wine makers he’s had the privilege of developing. It’s impressive to see the impact Richard has had on the wine industry because of his leadership and developing talented wine makers.
Leadership legends are known not only by what they create but by the impact on the people around them. How many leaders would credit you in their development and success as a leader?

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