Leading Through Change

The pace of change is increasing. Whether you look at technology, society or culture, the speed of change is accelerating. The Did you Know  video captures some startling statistics about the change happening all around us.
More change always demands more leadership.
Leadership is about vision and taking the organization into the future. Leadership is about followers (employees) understanding and buying in to the future. Most of all, leadership is about producing useful change.
There are many tips we look forward to sharing over the coming weeks. We’ll get started with some cautionary tips:

  • Have realistic expectations – change involves time and the opportunity to learn. Learning requires practice and is often inefficient. So don’t expect performance improvement immediately
  • Involvement breeds commitment – leaders who do not involve their people in decisions that affect them run the risk of a stalled change effort
  • Leading change is a big job – it involves your ability to establish a vision for the future and implement it in a continuously changing environment

During the next series of tips we are going to define who is a change leader, share the specific behaviors of excellent change leaders and explore strategies for increasing your effectiveness in leading others through change.

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