How to Read More

One of the top resolutions of 2018 is to read more books. We believe that the best leaders are learners. Reading (or listening) is a great way to learn.
Here are five tips to help you read more:

  1. Set a goal – what does “more” mean for you? Some people are already reading regularly and want to increase it. What will make you feel successful as you look back on 2018 and assess your reading / learning?
  2. Set a time – Rather than wait until you have the time, decide when you will read. Some people are on the go and feel like reading is impossible. However, if you travel regularly for work you can use car and plane time to read – remember, you can also “read” by listening to an audio book. So, include a book in your daily run or commute to work.
  3. Set a learning trajectory – While all reading counts, consider where you want to direct your reading attention. One of our favorite books is The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life. Its main point is that you can take control over what you read, and have it serve your development in the areas you want to grow. Rather than wait for someone to tell you about a book, create a list of candidates and be selective about what gets your time.
  4. Track your (wisdom-growing) progress – Top achievers understand the skills needed to achieve their goals, and focus on building those skills. What do you want to grow, develop, and become wise about? Start with that list, then select the books that support your progress. Capture what you’ve learned, and periodically review. We use large, lined post-it notes in physical books, and have also done summaries (in OneNote) of the most important highlights when reading on a Kindle.
  5. Celebrate – Last year we wrote down each book we read and every learning experience we had. As part of the year in review, it was exciting to see what we read, and contemplate how it enhanced our life and the achievement of our goals.
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