How to Create a Stir – 3 Observations

Bishop Michael Curry’s stirring sermon about love at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding last Saturday caused quite a response. Here are three observations to apply in the delivery of any presentation:

  1. Be Authentic – Everyone who watched the royal wedding saw the real deal. We had the privilege of working with the Bishop and his leadership team on their organizational culture over the last two years.

    memorable presentations

    We experienced who he is and can attest that what the world saw at the royal wedding was just typical Bishop Curry in action. When you deliver a presentation, are you fully and genuinely yourself?
  2. Be Expressive – there was a contrast between Bishop Curry and some of the other clergy members. His energy was engaging and his presence palpable. When you watch people speak or perform, what grabs your attention? The most captivating have a level of passion and energy that connects with the audience. Brian Culbertson is an example of a performer who has an incredible level of expressiveness. We saw him dazzle the audience at the House of Blues with his dynamic piano playing. When you speak, don’t be afraid to use your hands and your body to communicate your message. 
  3. Be Consistent – Bishop Curry stayed on message. The passage he used for the sermon was selected by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (check out this clip from The View), and the message he crafted was consistent throughout. There were so many elements of the sermon that were true to his themes of love, Jesus and social justice.  If you study the full transcript, you will see how Bishop Curry reinforces the theme, repeating “there’s power in love” and then encouraging the audience to “imagine.” When you present, create consistency through repetition.  

The next time you present, consider how you can bring your full authentic self as you expressively share your message and are consistent to reinforce the theme through repetition!

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