Hate Feedback?

If you are not a fan of feedback you are not alone. 99 out of 100 people hate the feedback that is given annually as part of the performance review process. Feedback serves a useful purpose when it is given in real time with the intention of benefiting the other person and they are open to receive it.
When you are giving feedback here are some suggestions:

  •  Decide the objective of your feedback. Do you want to encourage, share an improvement opportunity or give your opinion on something? Feedback is not the same thing as “getting it off your chest,” or sharing what is really on your mind. Focus on the recipient and the results that you want to accomplish in giving feedback.
  • Determine the level of receptivity. Your approach to providing feedback and the recipients’ state of mind makes a big difference in whether you achieve the intended outcome.
  • Focus on the facts. While you can share your opinion, it’s critical to share objective observation versus subjective conjecture. For example, instead of telling an employee that they are lazy (your opinion) you’d be better off explaining that taking a two hour lunch each day is not acceptable.

 To radically improve the quality of feedback, consider the outcome, choose your words wisely and make sure that the recipient of the feedback is open to your input. According to Ken Blanchard, “feedback is the breakfast of champions!”

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