Great Goals

One of the key componets of true change is a great goal. A great goal is about true outcomes versus temporary triumphs.
Don’t confuse a single step with a great goal. We all need triumphs along the path of achieving our goals. Unfortunately there are many times those triumphs get confused with a goal.
To achieve true outcomes set a great goal by –
1. On Your Mark

  • – Make it Clear; fuzzy goals = fuzzy results
  • – Make it Compelling; if it doesn’t matter, it won’t get done
  • – Make it Big; when obstacles arise you must have a goal that’s big enough to see past the obstacles

2. Get Set

  • – Define the steps (actions needed to accomplish the goal); accomplishment begins with a single step, followed by another step and another step…
  • – Identify beliefs that may hold you back from accomplishing the goal; there may be something in which you believe that is more compelling than accomplishing the goal. For example, I love dark chocolate. When I see that as comfort (my belief) in the midst of challenging travel, it trumps my weight loss goal!
  • – Pinpoint risks; what are the risks if you don’t achieve your goal? What is the probability of the risk happening and the potential impact? Can you avoid the risk, reduce it, transfer it or should you just accept it?

3. Go

  • – Take action>>> set a great goal and achieve true change

It’s not the goal setting that’s challenging, it’s the goal getting. So on your mark, get set and go…

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