Got Rhythm?

Are you living a rhythmic life of work and renewal? Research shows that a balanced approach to life provides the highest levels of energy, health and creativity. For years we prioritized our day and looked at “time management” as a means of organizing life and accomplishing our goals. Then we heard the revolutionary idea that you should not focus on managing your time but instead focus on managing your energy. You can have all the time in the world but if you have no energy to accomplish what needs done the time is irrelevant.
Improvements don’t just happen through new technology. Understand the sources of building and expending energy in order to improve your life and be at your best. Here are a few thoughts on energy management:

  • If you spend more that you make then you will be at a deficit. This is true of money AND energy! What are you doing to replenish and renew your energy?
  • Human beings oscillate biologically but often live in a linear manner. Schedule your day to balance stress and renewal in order to live rhythmically and maximize energy.
  • The higher the demand for output, productivity or creativity – the greater and more frequent the need for renewal.

Are you fueling your life with rhythmic, positive habits or negative, destructive ones? Build energy through proper nutrition and movement (exercise.) Renew through sleep, meditation, naps and vacation. Do not work for longer than 90 minutes without taking an intentional break. Create a rhythm of life that leaves you energized, healthy and productive.

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