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You were born a unique individual. You have strengths, talents and even a fingerprint that will never be duplicated. Why is it that so many people feel the need to contort their unique brilliance and attempt to copy someone else’s genius?
Here are some thoughts on how you can “medal” in life:

  • > Focus – focus on what you do best. Although you may see swimmers competing in different swimming events, you do not see swimmers trying to be gymnasts. Pay attention to what you do well and select your “event.” Then focus all your attention on being the best in your event.
  • > Don’t Settle for Imitation – you have what it takes to make something great happen. Stop trying to do someone else’s moves or win someone else’s medal. Invest whatever it takes to make sure that you are the best you that only you can be. If you need some external support, hire a coach.
  • > Know Your Limits – raw talent is not enough. The best athletes face limitations when they do not properly train. Olympic athletes who do not eat or sleep properly cannot perform. You are no different. You cannot do everything. Manage your energy and pace yourself.

Be a gold medalist in life and stop comparing yourself to others. When you focus on your unique greatness and respect your limits you can take your game to a whole new level!
“We are all born an original but sadly most die a copy” ~ John Mason

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