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St-Patricks-DayRPHave you heard the quote, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity?” This is a fantastic perspective to understand how to increase your luck. We want you to get lucky, so increase your preparation in order to be ready for the opportunities that are coming your way.
This perspective was reinforced in a chapter toward the end of Great by Choice called “Return on Luck.” There were a lot of different variables studied by Collins and his team as they investigated the phenomenon of luck.  They concluded that luck does not account for success.
Both successful and less than successful organizations have similar amounts of luck.  The research showed that it is how you take advantage of good luck and are prepared for bad luck that accounts for great success.
The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman presents four principles that are foundational to getting lucky:

  1. See it. When you believe you are lucky, you create, notice and act upon opportunities.
  2. Pay Attention. Use your internal guidance system of intuition and gut feelings.
  3. Expect it. Never let go of the belief that you are lucky as you persevere in achieving your goals.
  4. Believe it. This could also be the silver lining principle. While some people would consider something “bad luck,” a lucky person figures out how to make it good luck. A lucky person knows that everything will work out for the best.

If you believe you are lucky or believe you are unlucky, you are right. You get to choose! We hope you decide to be lucky.

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