From Neutered to Juiced Messages

After listening to the book, Unbroken, on Audible, we went to see the movie. The difference in our experience of the story was striking. The emotion, passion and human triumph that left us riveted throughout ten hours of listening were missing from the movie. It’s a tragedy that such a powerful story was reduced to a plodding narrative with poor cinematography.
How often does this happen to messages? In an effort to be politically correct, the passion and emotion gets drained from most messages as they are written in “office-ese.” In our experience, more than 78% of messages are achingly dull, dry to the point of itchy and much less effective than they should be.

We encourage you to JUICE your messages!


  • Amp Up with powerful words – your word choice makes a difference. Zig Ziglar used to tell a joke about the power of words. He’d say that there is a big difference in the impact of “you broke the clock” and “you are so gorgeous, you make time stand still.” Use powerful words that capture the imagination and create explosive impact.
  • Reconnect with passion – when you create a message, you need to create context. Connect people with the reason why or the bigger picture. Passion only happens when you “get it.” People believe in causes because they understand the why behind the what.  Share context, share your heart, explain why this matters to you. Passion is the juice of life, add a little to your messages.
  • Put some personality in your messages. Relate the information to everyday items, experiences or amusements. Tell stories to explain your message.  Remember your humanity when any message is being crafted; it’s a human to human connection. Too many times humanity is replaced with crackling dry, informational statements. When you put personality into your message you juice it up!

Messages need powerful words, a passionate why and some personality. Juice your messages and make them memorable by applying today’s tip the next time you create a message.

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