Execution Trumps Strategy

While we believe in the value of vision, thoughtful planning and careful analysis….nothing creates success like action.
Great by Choice presents what Jim Collins calls 10X Leadership Behaviors including “firing bullets then cannon balls.” The idea is that you will increase your luck by firing lots of bullets instead of one enormous un-calibrated cannonball.
If you try many things (shooting bullets) you will see what hits the target and then you can use the firepower of the cannonball to blow it out of the water and succeed.
Don’t wait until you have a prefect idea, completely thought out and ready to execute. You should be creative, but validate your creative ideas with empirical experience. Most overnight success is really the culmination of hard work, trying many approaches until one succeeds.

Do > Learn > Adjust > Repeat


                     …is the formula to use.

Is there something you’ve been meaning to get to? What’s holding you back? Take a calculated risk. Try something, learn from it, adjust your approach and do it again.
“Systematically, what the great serial entrepreneurs have figured out is with action trumping everything, you to get more times at bat in the same elapsed time, thus making your personal success much more likely sooner and increasing the aggregate number of successful ventures.”
Len Schlesinger, President, Babson College

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