Employee Engagement

What exactly is engagement and why is everyone talking about it? Engagement is not the same as job satisfaction or being “happy” at work, although job satisfaction and happiness may be outcomes of full engagement. Engagement is about performance at the intersection of maximum results with maximum fulfillment. All results and no fulfillment lead to burn out. All fulfillment and no results mean no value, no profit and no job.
Three things you should know about engagement:

  1. Engagement increases when you and your employees get to use your strengths most of the time. In order to do this you must understand your strengths and how to apply them.
  2. Engaged employees are consistently more productive, safer, healthier, and less likely to leave their employer. They come to work every day, ready, willing, and able to do their best.
  3. Increasing employee engagement correlates directly with a positive impact on key business metrics such as increased earnings per share and higher customer satisfaction.

You can change organizational people systems (performance evaluations, compensation models, etc) or start with yourself to increase engagement. If you are not sure what your strengths are spend some time identifying them. Then look for opportunities to apply your strengths each and every day.
We work with individuals, teams and organizations to idenitfy and apply their strengths. Contact us if you would like to talk about how we can increase your success through strengths.

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