Don’t Accept Weak Links

Strengthen your Links by intentionally using technology to care rather than just share. There is so much information being pushed to your colleagues and team. Email gives status updates, informs about decision and tells us to take action. We have reports to read, meetings to prepare for and tasks to perform.

Break through the noise and take a minute to care about someone. You will strengthen your links and create greater connection.  The stronger the connection the better the quality of your remote working experience.

If you are a manager, start an IM chat with your team to wish them a good day and have a brief conversation.  This should not be work related it is about creating connection. Ask for input on a news story or the winner of a TV reality show.  The point is to build your links, strengthen your connection and be part of a relationship that withstands the test of being remote.

Note: For a wealth of skill-building and valuable information on managing your team, especially virtually, check out our toolkit.

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