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Your Employees Are Asking

  • Do I make a meaningful impact at work every day?
  • Do I truly understand how I impact my organization?

Can They Find the Answer?

These are questions we all have. The need to make an impact and have a meaningful contribution is essential to us as individuals, teams, and organizations. As a leader, success lies in your ability to create an environment for the people that follow you to answer these questions.
Culture is a powerful force but it remains an elusive or mysterious subject. It’s been easier to tackle the more concrete subjects of strategy, talent management, or even leadership. There are plenty of improvement frameworks for those disciplines. Unfortunately there aren’t many, if any, simple, logical, and common-sense frameworks for effectively leveraging and aligning the culture of an organization with a direct connection to performance. We collaborated on this book to create that framework.
This book is a guide to building a performance culture as the foundation for achieving sustainable performance. It’s written for leaders with vision, passion, and the interest in engaging their organization, prioritizing as a team, and maintaining persistent focus over time. They are also deeply interested in engaging the head and the heart of their team in the process to maximize their impact and learning along the way. These pioneers create the future and aren’t afraid to build an organization that will successfully endure without them.
If you are one of these leaders then this guide is written for you and the world needs you!

Build the Culture Advantage and Culture University

Get “Build the Culture Advantage” and join us at Culture University as we continue to explore the topic of organizational culture together.

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