Compelling Conversation Secrets

Are you tired of ordinary, “how are you, what’s the weather like” conversations? Transform your health, your career, your relationships and your life with better conversation.
WHY: benefits of Compelling Conversation:

  • Never have a boring conversation
  • Get energized (connection activates happy brain neurons)
  • Build better relationships
  • Improve your career trajectory

HOW: become extraordinary in the art of Compelling Conversations by applying these secrets:

  • Be Curious – ask questions to uncover the fascinating facts you never knew. We collect questions because they are fun and create deep, interesting discussions. Our colleague and friend, Bob Tiede, has an entire blog devoted to questions.
  • Power Poses – get a power boost to amp up your conversation. Amy Cuddy’s research shows you how your body position translates into increase confidence. Watch her TED talk or read her book Presence.
  • Expect More – you get what you are looking for. So go into every conversation expecting to discover something wonderful about the person during your conversation.
  • Listen More that you talk. As they say, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!
  • Smile – we move so fast in life; from one meeting to the next, from one action to another. Pause and smile. You will be amazed at what a genuine smile can do to break the ice and begin a compelling conversation.

WHO: anyone, anywhere; whether you are in a grocery line, meeting a friend for lunch or being interviewed, you can apply these tips to all conversations.
WHEN: any time you encounter another human being.

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