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Change Challenge #3

Change Challenge #3

When the Change Relay Race (see Change Challenge #1) happens, there is often a lack of clarity about the change as it gets communicated through the organization. This lack of clarity is the change challenge we are tackling this week.
Change CLARITY is critical. There are two dimensions to clarity:
1. Success Definition – a complete description of how you know that you are successful when you complete the change. A good definition of success is “losing ten pounds, eating breakfast every morning and sleeping seven hours at night” versus “getting healthy.” Before you undertake any change, it’s important to define what is going to be different in the future in terms that are descriptive and measurable.
2. Alignment – the participants in the change must understand the change the same way you do and support the change. In order to get alignment, you need to understand who can impact your success. If you want to lose ten pounds and you live with someone who is buying sweet snacks or junk food, your ability to achieve success will be threatened. He or she not only needs to know that you want to change but must also agree to support the change.
The following image illustrates the relationship between these two dimensions of clarity:
Overcome a lack of clarity by intentionally defining success and aligning everyone around that definition.
Next week, we’ll tackle the change challenge of being an authentic leader in the midst of change.

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