Change and Transformation

“This is part one in a series on the change and the process of transformation. Whether you are a leader, inspiring others through change or a person in the midst of change, this is relevant to you.”
Key points to consider:

  • Change is a deviation from expectation. The bigger the deviation the bigger the change. (some change models call this a break from status quo)
  • There is a difference between change and transformation
    • Change is the external event, circumstance or consequence that occurs. It may be something that you choose (initiated change) or something that happens beyond your control (an external or random change.)
    • Transformation is a personal process that happens one individual at a time in response to change. It’s the internal choice of how to respond to the external change that is happening.
  • The greater your resilience the more equipped you are to deal with change and the internal impacts.

We all will deal with hundreds of thousands of changes through the course of our lives. Some change you choose, other change just happens!
Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we explore the process of transformation and change.

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