Three Cheers

Welcome to 2018, where the year is fresh and shiny and new! It’s easy to jump into setting goals, defining your annual theme, or even creating a SMART resolution.
Before you look ahead, take a moment to look behind. Success leaves clues. Evaluate 2017 – consider what went well, and what wasn’t the best. Chances are you’ve achieved more than you realize. Three cheers to you and to your ongoing success!
Here are three tips to help you celebrate your success:

  1. Gather the Data. Ask yourself some questions as you look back over 2017. What were the most significant events? What did you do that made you feel excited and energized, and enabled you to achieve forward progress? How can you do more of that? Next, make a list of the top game changers; what made the biggest positive impact in your life during 2018? How can you get more of that in your life?
  2. Look for the Gifts. What are the patterns? What success clues can you see as you look back at the year? How can you do more of what gave you the greatest satisfaction and success? How can you do less of what drains you, depletes you and minimizes your success?
  3. Celebrate. Ask yourself, “what makes me feel most rewarded?” — and do that! Everyone is motivated differently. Understand what drives you and what makes you feel celebrated. It could be a great glass of wine (gee, wonder who that could be!), a morning to yourself, a new gadget, or a coffee date with a friend. Consider what brings you joy, and celebrate yourself for finishing 2017!

Instead of a “to-do” list, make an accomplishments list and use it to remind yourself of the awesome and amazing progress you are making.
The horizon is out there, but you can never reach it. Success can be similarly frustrating if you are always fixating on the future and not celebrating the past. You cannot measure your progress by looking forward. You must consider where you’ve been to see how far you’ve come.

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