Catch a Smile

Do you believe that moods are contagious? Have you ever experienced a person who changed the entire mood of a room?
We were in an elevator that was packed with people. It was one of those days where it seemed that we stopped at every floor to pick someone up. Then came the man with the bike. He saw the elevator was crowded and pushed his way on. Many people would respond with frustration or silently glare at the inconsiderate biker cramming himself and his machine into such a tiny space. Fortunately a fellow passenger made a comment, “how wonderful that we all took a shower this morning.”  This bit of humor diffused the irritation that hung in the air and immediately brightened the mood of the dozen cramped riders.
What kind of intangible trail does your mood leave behind?
Do you sour or brighten a room with your presence?
Another recent event reinforced how contagious someone else’s mood can be. Last week on my way back from Toronto I was in the airport security line. It was early Saturday morning and most people were half awake, slightly grumpy and in desperate need of their morning caffeine.  A cheery woman was standing at the checkpoint. With a loud voice she told everyone that they could put away their passports, they just needed their boarding pass and a smile. She was so joyful, so upbeat and so positive you couldn’t help but smile. She made my day despite being denied TSA Pre Check because I had SSSS on my boarding pass. Her energy, enthusiasm and positive words completely lifted my flagging spirits. It takes a lot to make passengers smile in a pre-dawn airport security line. But one person made all the difference.
The next time you are in a bad mood, do the world a favor and put yourself into quarantine. Your negative or positive mood can change the trajectory of your life and the lives of everyone around you.
Have a bright, beautiful and very blessed day..then pass it on!

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