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Can Your Style Get You Fired?

The dictatorial style of the past is passé. Last week’s sudden ouster of Jill Abramson as executive editor of the New York Times has stoked conversations about how much a modern leader must soften his or her style to be effective, the WSJ reports.
Intent versus Impact
It’s important to realize that intent and impact are often different. For example, you may have a critical meeting you need to prepare for so you rush into the office and head straight for your desk. However, ignoring people as you walk in may signal to others that you are mad, frustrated or some other unpleasant adjective. Most leaders and managers aren’t intentionally mean but the impact of their words and actions can be interpreted in a less than positive manner.
Style Minders

  • Ask – check with those around you. Ask about your impact. You don’t know if you don’t ask. We suggest the SKS approach:
    • What should I Stop doing?
    • What should I Keep doing?
    • What should I Start doing?
  • Assess – there are many different assessments you can take to learn more about yourself and the impact your personality traits can have. You learn how you show up in normal circumstances and how stress impacts you. Whether it’s MBTI, DiSC, Social Styles or a 360 assessment, invest the time to better understand yourself and your style. Assess yourself and understand your strengths. Then consider how you can use them to positively impact those around you.

What some people intend as direct and focused conversation, the recipients may interpret as intense or uncomfortable. The more you are aware of how people experience you, the more effective you can be in your role. Mind your style and maximize your impact.

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