Be An Idea Magnet

How many times have you had a brilliant idea and then lost it? Ideas are gifts if you own them, refine them and act on them. Everything you see around you started as an idea.  Ideas only make a difference if you do something about them.
Here are some tips to become an Idea Magnet!:

  • Write them down –  your mind is not meant to be a storage device. Use a notes app on your phone, a planner page in your calendar or some other means to document your ideas. This can be manual or electronic but make it consistent so you      capture them when they appear.
  • Share Them – ideas gain power and get refined when they “see the light of day” by telling other people about them. Perhaps there is something similar to build on or a way to improve upon the rich nugget you started with.
  • Pick one and act on it – ideas are dreams until you put them into action. Research shows that having hopes and dreams is not enough. When you write them down and act on them your ideas will flourish and grow.
  • Schedule thinking time to ideate – the more you intentionally spend time ideating, the more often ideas will come to you. You must make mental space and time to honor the ideas that are out there for you to capture.

Be an Idea Magnet. You have brilliant ideas, own them. Write them down, share them and act on them!

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