An Inspired Team Succeeds

For the first time since 2003, the Chicago Cubs (1) are in the National League Championship Series. They proved themselves a worthy opponent against the St Louis Cardinals. We are thrilled for our city and the legions of Cubs fans; this tip is to celebrate some unique practices.
Lessons from the winning Cubs Team (details come from the Chicago Tribune):

  1. Get Back to the Basics – the Cubs Coach, Joe Maddon, devoted chunks of time to fundamentals last week that normally are dedicated to batting practice. Those fundamentals proved to be game winning for the Cubs. What are the basics your team needs to implement that can change your game?
  2. Anticipate Success – the coach for the Cubs made a bold claim last November that he would be talking playoffs in 2015. The coach set a powerful vision that enabled the Cubs players to anticipate success more than they feared failure. How big and confident is your leader’s vision? Do the employees believe in that vision as whole heartedly as the Cubs players?
  3. Try Something Different – In Game 2 of the National League Division Series, Maddon pulled a hot hitter from the batting line up. It seemed like a crazy decision. The replacement hitter knocked it out of the park, literally. Sometimes to win you have to “do something different” (catcher Miguel Montero)
  4. Less is More – throughout the season, the coach has significantly reduced batting practice. In one interview late last week, Maddon said the Cubs have taken batting practice only five times since August.  This means that the players got additional rest and had more energy…to win! What actions or practices do you feel are essential, that can be eliminated to create margin in your life?

Clearly the Cubs are an inspired team. But, in the words of their coach, “don’t let the pressure exceed the pleasure.”
(1) For our readers outside the US, the Cubs are an American baseball team that has not won the World Series since 1908. There are many legendary stories about what’s prevented them from winning. This year something is different.

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