Advice from Antarctica

It’s helpful to learn from other’s experience. We recently read a useful list of insights by the six-person team currently living in isolation at Troll, a Norwegian research station located in Antarctica.

Their advice:

  • SPACE. If there are multiple people “sheltering in place” with you, the differences in personality become very evident the more time you spend together. Each person has a different need for balancing togetherness and aloneness. Talk about how you can honor people’s differences and get everyone’s needs met. If someone wants to watch a movie on their own or read a book, don’t take it personally.
  • RESOLVE. Problems don’t go away when you ignore them. Engage in constructive conflict and address challenges that bubble up. Did someone eat the last cookie that you were saving for a treat? Is the toilet paper put on the roll in the wrong direction, or not even on the holder? Whatever is going on, own your response and resolve things before molehills become mountains.
  • CONNECT. Reach out to people who matter to you. Download this Connection Tracker to follow a process for identifying the people you need to stay connected with. Then follow up with intentional action.
  • SLOW DOWN. Take a deep breath and get curious. What opportunities does this time present for you that would otherwise not be available? What are you noticing around you that brings you joy? What new behaviors and practices can you try?

What have you learned through your experience at home? What advice would you add to this list? What changes have been imposed on you that you will continue once you are free to leave your home? Share with us at

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