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A Power Pause

A Power Pause

Do you take time to pause? A Power Pause is temporarily suspending action in order to increase effectiveness.  Constant action depletes the mind, body and soul.  In a state of depletion you may find yourself making less effective choices, taking less effective action and feeling exhausted.
Many employees say they lack a sense of meaning, control, and achievement in the workplace. In a recent survey, 86% agreed that “people would be much happier and healthier if they knew how to slow down and live in the moment.”  This is the essence of the Power Pause.
Take a break from the action and cultivate your concentration on the here and now.
Here are four ways to cultivate concentration while taking a power pause:

  • Breathe –  it sounds simple but it’s not.  Take a break and focus on your breathing.   Fill your belly with breath, hold it and then slowly release it. This reduces the heart rate and is a great way to calm the brain when it gets amped up on action.
  • Clean the House –  get rid of mental and physical clutter.  When there is too much stuff in your head or your environment it distracts the brain from focusing on what really matters.  Take a power pause and eliminate the random thoughts (write them down to get them out of your head) or the piles of papers.
  • Self-Observation – step outside yourself to observe your thoughts without judgment. Stay focused on one idea or object. When your mind wanders, return your focus to the original place. This is also known as mindfulness and is a powerful way to train your brain.
  • Laughter  – relieves stress and boosts healthy hormones.  Take a power pause and read or watch something humorous to you.  Share a joke with a friend.  Reader’s Digest was right, laughter is the best medicine.

Cultivating concentration doesn’t just stabilize and clarify the mind; it can also improve creativity and productivity while enhancing relationships.  So incorporate the Power Pause into your daily routine. It will provide new levels of focus and clarity in the midst of your action packed day.

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