7 Survival Tips for March Madness

While NCAA basketball has been cancelled, we are all dealing with a different kind of madness, one that comes from uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Rather than teach you more about hand washing or virus transmission, here are 7 specific Survival Tips:

  1. Create a routine – one of the greatest challenges in these uncertain times is that the routine we’ve had is completely disrupted. Each day decide how you are going to invest your time. Ask yourself, “what are the most important 1 – 3 things I need to get done today?”
  1. Stay connected – while social distancing may be important to slow the spread of the virus, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected with people. Setup a virtual wine date or happy hour.  Schedule time with friends or family and use online technology like Zoom or Facetime. Who can you visit virtually?
  1. Mind your mind – rather than mindless viewing of news on social media or other channels, use this time to fill your head with good stuff, like a book or online class (check out Donna’s course on LinkedIN. There are 2 videos that could be especially helpful – change saturation and the FUD factor). Audit your time and evaluate where you are getting information from. Consider whether the information is helping or hurting your state of mind. Where are you focusing your attention?
  1. A gratitude practice – This means regularly pausing to reflect on what you appreciate. Neuroscience shows that fear and thankfulness cannot co-exist. When you feel yourself moving toward a negative perspective, ask yourself, “what am I grateful for?
  1. MOVE – there are lots of benefits to exercise. If the weather cooperates go outside. If it’s cold or rainy, find an online video or app that suits your style. We had a friend who just got a Peloton the whole family is using. An effective, easy app for any level of fitness is the 7 minute workout. What method will you use to make movement part of your day?
  1. Maintain healthy habits – it’s easy to revert to eating comfort food and weekend sleeping habits. During times of stress decide how you will maintain your habits and whether you need any adjustments to those habits. How can you track the habits that are important to you so that you reinforce them?
  1. Set goals – do something you’ve been meaning to get done. Rather than focus on what you’re missing out on, do the things you’ve had on your list. Organize, declutter, update your LinkedIn profile, post an insightful article in your area of expertise or reach out to people in your network and reestablish connection. What goals will make this time meaningful for you?

There are always multiple ways of looking at a situation. How can you use this time to stay healthy, connected and get more done? Whatever the future holds, one thing we are certain of is that you’ll never get this moment back. Use it wisely, once it’s gone you’ve lost it forever!  Stay focused on what matters most to you.

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