3 Powerful Productivity Tools

In the midst of the chaos and constant change that impact you every day, there is something you can do to regain control.
Although it can be difficult to let go we encourage you to consider these three powerful productivity tools:

  • – Garbage Can –  do you really need to stacks of magazines, duplicate receipts or binders of past training or strategy documents? The garbage can is your friend. Share all the items that add to the chaos of life. When you streamline through elimination you reduce complexity.
  • – Delete key – is your email inbox overflowing with messages you’ve saved, just in case?      Do you have a desktop filled with so many saved files that you’ve lost track of what’s current? Let go, purge, and delete information. If it’s not useful, it’s clutter.
  • – “No” it’s ok to say to no…to meetings that you are optional on, to activities that don’t thrill you, to opportunities that are not right for you.  It’s better to say no now than to give a halfhearted yes that you regret.

We recently facilitated an exercise in communication that results in a lot of interesting insights. After we debriefed with the group, one of the participants came up and shared his observation.
Throughout the exercise he had been inundated with messages. As he processed each one he crumpled it up and threw it away. This helped him be fast and very efficient. The other two people who were in his role held onto their stack of messages. They got buried by paper and got overwhelmed. This was a real time example of the power of these tools!
Be powerfully productive using your garbage can, the delete key and saying “no!”

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