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3 Keys to Making the Most of Your Vacation

This is the time of year that many people go on holiday or vacation. Other than planning where to go and what to pack, how much thought do you give to what you want from your time away? If you aren’t intentional, your time will be absorbed with random activities and miscellaneous work that creeps into your days.

Here are three tips for your vacation:

  1. Set Clear Boundaries. We did a post on Sponge Squeezing a few years ago. The point was that we all need time to recover from the day-to-day. You won’t get a chance to “squeeze out your sponge” if you allow other people to set your priorities. Decide before you go how much connection to work you will allow, and give the people you are with permission to hold you accountable.
  2. Embrace it. Time away is special AND it needs to be enjoyed. There is fascinating research on delayed gratification. Perhaps there is something special you’ve been waiting to do or consume (maybe that great bottle of wine?). Make it a vacation tradition to stop waiting and start enjoying.
  3. Make Memories – we’ve mentioned it a lot, but everything needs repeated multiple times for it to stick: check out the book The Power of Moments. Instead of going on vacation – go on a moment-making experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! Don’t waste your time off in the ordinary – be extraordinary and make moments.

Vacations are times to connect with people, clear your mind and have experiences. Done well, vacation makes you a better leader because it refreshes the mind, restores the body and gives new perspective. However, that only happens when you are intentional about what a successful vacation means to you. 

As you plan your time off, define what success is for you. Then set clear boundaries, embrace the opportunity to enjoy something special, and make memories. Here’s to your best holiday/vacation yet!  

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