3 Facets of a Fresh Start

Do you need a fresh start? For us 2020 started off with a bang…and then everything changed. Rather than bemoan the losses, how about taking the opportunity for reframing, refocusing, and starting fresh.

We decided to make it a “New Year’s do-over” to start the second half of the year.  We have a bottle of bubbles chilling and a fresh journal ready for reflection, re-evaluating and answering a few questions.

Here are some ways to make a fresh start.

ONE: Ask Questions

  • How have I responded to the uncertainty of the crisis?
  • What am I doing differently now that I want to continue?
  • What can I focus on being and doing over the next 6 months that will move me closer to the vision for my ideal life?
  • How can I motivate myself to stay focused and accomplish my 2020 goals?
  • What do I need to change about the way I think of myself, how I talk to myself and the questions I ask myself?
  • What self-care practices do I need to start or continue to be self-compassionate and increase my happiness, optimism, wisdom, personal initiative, and curiosity?

TWO: Reevaluate Your Priorities

A priority is the concern, interest or desire that comes before all others. How have the last six months impacted your priorities? During times of disruption, it is helpful to look at how you invest your most precious resources (attention, time and money). This usually gives a strong indication of priorities. Has your perspective changed on what matters most? To live your best life and be your best self, you must decide what is most important to you and act accordingly.

THREE: Reflection Exercise

  • Make a list of key areas in your life (ME – body, mind, spirit/soul; OTHERS – relationships and family; GOALS – career, dreams, legacy, financial, etc. or whatever categories make sense to you)
  • Create two columns. In the first column, write down your previous practices in that area. In the second column, write down how you have approached this area over the last six months.
  • Then evaluate both columns and ask yourself, what is and is not working? Why?
  • Decide what you will do differently because of this exercise and your reflection on each column.
  • Set a check-in date for yourself. Schedule an appointment on your calendar to revisit your reflection and celebrate your progress.

Let’s reset 2020. Try something new. Don’t get hung up on perfect, and make sure to celebrate progress along the way.  Give yourself a fresh start.

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