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Scott Beilke

"He has a wealth of experience with others that is beneficial, and resources that I’d not been exposed to. I find myself wanting to share EVERYTHING! And Scott has to help me choose what is most helpful to share. He asks great questions."
Duane Zook
Scott Beilke Coaching

Scott Beilke

Culture and Organizational Change Strategist | Executive Coach | Consultant | Advisor | Culture University Faculty

My passion is to help organizational leaders create workplace environments where people can flourish and organizations excel. I enjoy working with these leaders, and leadership teams, on understanding how to intentionally shape an organizational culture to accelerate business outcomes while creating an exceptional place for all team members to invest their time and talents.

I’ve had the opportunity to help companies across multiple industries take this journey. On any given day, I find myself helping leaders unlock their leadership capability, transform their organizational culture, or effectively engage their team. Leaders deserve to have all the support they can get to succeed at exponentially higher levels. I know exactly what it’s like to face the unique challenges and the isolation of leadership while accomplishing the impossible. In fact, I’ve not only worked with some of the world’s largest and most influential brands like Guardian Life, Bayer, AMD and Kraft Foods, I have led my own organizations to achieve breakthrough results…and I’ve done it more than once.

I’ve shared some of my experiences with helping senior leaders accelerate organizational strategy and resolve tough organizational culture challenges in the 2014 book “Build the Culture Advantage.” I also share my thinking on culture transformation as a founding faculty member at

A passionate wine enthusiast I launched Leadership Uncorked to facilitate leadership teams through strategic conversations in the context of an extraordinary experience. We help leaders solve challenging business issues in a unique context as they explore topics of disruptive change, culture and their teams. Combining leaders, wine and learning is a powerful, Flow inducing experience – find out more at

Certifications and Skills

Human Synergistics Certifcation

Accredited by Human Synergistics

coaching mastery certification

Coaching Mastery Certified

culture University

Culture University Faculty Member

Donna Brighton Speaking


Donna has shared her insights with audiences worldwide through keynotes, panel presentations, and interactive workshops. Audiences appreciate the way she customizes her expertise to address their specific needs and instead of delivering a cookie-cutter keynote. 

Donna Brighton Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation

When you need to solve a sticky situation, get to the essence of an issue or collaboratively create an outcome, call Brighton Leadership Group.  We’ve helped achieve the impossible and done things that have never been done before (ask us how over a glass of wine.)

Scott Beilke Coach

Executive Coaching

Through the process of coaching, Scott will enable you to achieve breakthroughs, discover new insights and unlock your potential to maximize your performance. When appropriate he’ll share advice from his 25+ years of experience. 

Virtual Work Success

Online Courses

We have distilled decades of experience into online resources for great leaders .

sb books


Covering a range of topics, our mini books are concise manuals to help fuel your success.

The Rebel Leader Community

Rebel Leader Community

Where growth-minded leaders chart their course, make new discoveries, expand their networks, and elevate their potential.

Customer Comments

“I greatly appreciate Scott’s coaching – he comes across as data driven, but he has a big heart and cares for people. He helped diagnose difficulties within the group and offered solutions. I needed that support and structure.” ~ Michael Hunn

Walter Shaffer

"He asked the right questions. It wasn’t in a way that was harsh or condescending...He has an intuition where he can cut through things and get to the heart of the matter quickly. He’s non judgmental. "

Eugene Shimelfarb

"I really enjoy working with them. It’s not just because I like them. I’m as pragmatic as I can be. They bring a huge amount of value. It may not even be as respected as it should. They’re on top of their game."

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