Donna Brighton

"She is always learning and exploring. The Donna I call today will not be the Donna I talk to a year from now. She’ll have new knowledge."
John Edwards
John Edwards
Global Leadership Development
Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton

Author | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Coach | Culture Change Strategist

Donna Brighton is a culture change strategist, masterful facilitator and leadership coach. Drawing from 25+ years of experience as a consultant, she combines her expertise in change management with a deep understanding of organizational culture to help leaders solidify change more rapidly and successfully through the power of Culturally Intelligent Change. She is a skilled listener who sees possibilities, understands complexities and partners with leaders to create solutions. Donna helps organizations get clear on the culture they need in order to achieve their objectives, then works with them to move confidently towards that ideal.

A recognized expert in the field of organizational change, she is the past President of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), a global organization dedicated to the advancement of the change management profession. Donna has an M.S. in Organizational Leadership as well an advanced certification in Organizational Change Management. She is the author of Culturally Intelligent Change, the Flourishing Workplace and the Rebel Leader’s Field Guide to Your Leadership Voice. Donna is also the co-founder of Leadership Uncorked, connecting 3 of her passions: brilliant leaders, insightful learning, and exceptional wine.

Certifications and Skills

neuroview certified

NeuroView Certified Practitioner

Conversational Intelligence Certification

Conversational Intelligence Practitioner

Human Synergistics Certified

Accredited by Human Synergistics

coaching mastery certification

Coaching Mastery Certified

conversational intelligence coach

Conversational Intelligence Coach


Donna has shared her insights with audiences worldwide through keynotes, panel presentations, and interactive workshops. Audiences appreciate the way she customizes her expertise to address their specific needs and instead of delivering a cookie-cutter keynote.

Strategic Facilitation

This is Donna’s superpower. When you need to solve a sticky situation, get to the essence of an issue or collaboratively create a solution, call Donna. In the middle of a session things may feel messy but she always gets the job done and delivers extraordinary outcomes.

Executive Coaching

Through the process of coaching, Donna will support you as you achieve breakthroughs, discover new insights and unlock your potential to maximize your performance. When appropriate she’ll share advice from her 25+ years of experience.

Online Courses

We have distilled decades of experience into online resources for great leaders .


Covering a range of topics, our mini books are concise manuals to help fuel your success.

Rebel Leader Community

Where growth-minded leaders chart their course, make new discoveries, expand their networks, and elevate their potential.

Client Comments

“She can organize things, acts as a catalyst to make things effective. She’s smart. She can say hard things that don’t alienate people and keep things moving quickly. She’s decisive. ” ~ Kirk Botula

Holly Dowling

"She can handle very high level leaders; leaders who can be very challenging. In the Lion’s Den. She’s that caliber."

Jim Miller

"Donna is a terrific facilitator. She took the lead. There were a lot of ADD types in the room, and she kept them in line."

Eugene Shimelfarb

"Donna is strategic and is able to simplify the message. She offers a foundation for her perspective. She has a deep knowledge. She’s well outlined and prepared."

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