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Part II – Reality Check

Thoughtful and intentional leadership is essential to successfully guide teams through change. Last week we discussed the importance of creating context and communicating the change …

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Shocking Discovery

For decades we believed that as a leader you should always set the expectation that your team members must bring …

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Mental Coffee Beans

Have you ever seen a jar of coffee beans at the fragrance counter? They prevent “olfactory fatigue” by clearing the …

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Do You Know How to Win?

We’ve worked with numerous organizations to define, refine or refresh their strategy. Over and over we’ve seen leaders challenged to …

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Fearless Leadership | Relentless Focus

We heard a former Navy Lieutenant and F-14 Fighter Pilot talk about fearless leadership and relentless focus. How can an …

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7 Innovation Insights

We recently participated in the Chicago Innovation Summit and learned a few things we wanted to pass on to you. …

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RACI Saves the Day

We were with a leadership team last week who needed to align various groups of people within their organization. What …

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Five Modes of Listening

Communication is about talking AND listening. Listening is key to effective communication. You can be efficient in talking to someone …

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Your Summer (Streaming) Reading List

Successful people are voracious readers (or listeners!) Are you intentional about what you are reading? When you hear about a …

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Ten Tips to Inspire Change

Ten Tips to Inspire Change When someone tells you to change something, how do you respond? Are you defensive, frustrated …

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Why Does the Path Matter?

Are you familiar with the story about the elephant, the rider and the path? Dan and Chip Heath retold this …

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Change Triage

  What do you do when a change is in crisis? What about a change that has happened (a new …

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Change Management

How do you define change management? (it’s not really black and white!) According to the Association of Change Management Professionals, …

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Change Happens, Like the Weather

“Change is like the weather, it happens.” ~ Admiral Thad Allen How do you deal with change? Change is any …

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Excite Through Experience 

There is an excellent book by Joe Pine and James Gilmore about the Experience Economy. You can read the original …

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Selfie Leadership 

  Selfie sticks are everywhere. People are constantly posting selfies of themselves in exotic places. For this tip, neither a …

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Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. It comes from the Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into.’ When …

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The Secret Steps to Shaping Values

Last week we shared to the surprising learnings about values from the Raise the Bar session with the CEO’s and …

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5 Surprising Learnings from Leadership: Chicago

Last week we held the Raise the Bar session with the CEO’s and Senior Leaders of Leadership: Chicago. The heart …

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