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What did we decide?

Yesterday I talked with a CEO who is dealing with warring executives on the leadership team. They have settled into their respective corners, and one …

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Excite Through Experience 

There is an excellent book by Joe Pine and James Gilmore about the Experience Economy. You can read the original …

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Selfie Leadership 

  Selfie sticks are everywhere. People are constantly posting selfies of themselves in exotic places. For this tip, neither a …

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Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. It comes from the Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into.’ When …

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The Secret Steps to Shaping Values

Last week we shared to the surprising learnings about values from the Raise the Bar session with the CEO’s and …

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5 Surprising Learnings from Leadership: Chicago

Last week we held the Raise the Bar session with the CEO’s and Senior Leaders of Leadership: Chicago. The heart …

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You are Biased and it Shows

Your brain is constantly flooded with information that is demanding attention. You can only pay attention to one thing (or …

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How to Close Your Know>Do Gap

Why don’t you do what you know that you should do? Better yet, how can you start getting better outcomes …

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Whose Job is it to Manage Organizational Culture?

We were part of a panel discussion at the SIOP conference last week exploring this question. It’s a multi-layered topic …

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How to Deal With an Epic Choke?

How to Deal With an Epic Choke? Whether or not you are a fan of golf, Sunday’s epic choke by Jordan …

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How Can Priority Be Plural?

When did priority become priorities? How can multiple things be “most important?” “The word priority came into the English language in …

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10 Essential Quotes on Strategy

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity. The underlying …

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How Did Google Create a Perfect Team?

In today’s work world, collaboration or working together is a way of life. In fact, February’s HBR featured an article …

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Three Team Building Secrets

When you absolutely, positively must create a team. Here are a few secrets: Create Connection. Teams are Powered by People. …

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Team versus Group

When is a team not a team? When it’s really a group! Real teams have a clearly defined mission for …

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Think INSIDE the Box

Outside of the box is celebrated as the way to come up with new solutions, get creative and break out …

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Compelling Conversation Secrets

Are you tired of ordinary, “how are you, what’s the weather like” conversations? Transform your health, your career, your relationships …

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Culture Creep

Research shows that organizations with high performance over a sustained period of time achieve their success because their people are …

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Seven Deadly Sins of Delegation

Delegation done well makes the difference between a harried, overscheduled life and a focused, balanced life. You have 24 hours …

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