Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS: Reboot Your Results

Are you getting the results you want?

Would you like to increase your effectiveness?

Just Ctrl + Alt + FOCUS:

  • Ctrl yourself – Leading yourself is an essential part of leading others well. Get clear on your strengths and weaknesses. Define your leadership. Consider the impact you are making on others. How big is the gap between what you say and what you do? Leading yourself begins with closing that gap.
  • Alt – Change your perspective. Examine things from a new angle. Try something new. Get intentional about the results you want. To avoid the plateau, adjust your routine. Incredible growth and improvement happens in times of difficulty or change. In what areas of life can you apply an alternative approach to challenge yourself and reboot your results?
  • FOCUS – Do you know where to focus your time and attention? How often do you define and review your goals? We’ve done a lot of learning about the concept of flow; we’ve completed Flow Fundamentals (2x!), The Science of Performance, The Habit of Ferocity and Zero to Dangerous. One of the foundational practices for flow is clear goals. According to Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, our happiest moments occur when we are in flow and we’re stretched to our limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Upgrade your focus through clearer goals. Each day, define the three things you MUST get done. Then do them!

To reboot your results, start with yourself. Practice what you preach. Then challenge yourself with an alternative view or approach. Finally, get focused with clear goals.

Our fascination with flow is simple. When you are in a state of flow you are 5x more productive. And as Dr. Csikszentmihaly’s research shows, you are happier too! 

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