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Team Success for Managers

If you have a team, then leading well is a critical practice, especially as we have adapted to the virtual working world. Communication, goal setting, coaching, team building, and performance management are essential when leading your team. However, the way in which you apply these leadership skills changes when your team is virtual, and your guidance will lead the way to successfully accomplishing your goals regardless of the working environment.

This team management toolkit is for you if:

- You are a manager who is leading a team

- You want your team to succeed and thrive in times of massive change

- You have some of the key things in place but want to make sure that you are working virtually in the most successful way possible

You’ll get all the tools and templates you need to build bridges to your team regardless of the work location. Whether you’ve been working virtually for a long time or are new to managing a team from a distance, or even if you just want to brush up some of your core competencies – this toolkit is for you. Our goal is to provide a quick list of best practices to consider so that you can create your ideal work rhythms and ensure you and your team succeed.

The Team Success for Managers Toolkit includes:


The Three Simple Steps to Success includes instructions and worksheets for every step so that you can immediately follow the roadmap to get clear on where you are, decide where you are going and define the path to get from here to there. These are structured so that you can immediately move from chaos to clarity.

Manage Your Team: 4 Critical Topics (and 14 supporting tools / templates)

There are four key areas to excel in managing your team: effective communication, excellent execution, meaningful meetings and working well together.  You’ll get reflection questions, recommendations and resources for each area to help you brush up your skills and adapt to the unique challenges of managing a virtual team. We’ve bundled 14 supporting tools and templates in this section to enable you to apply the recommendations and see results.

Manage Yourself

This is actionable information that you can use now to grow as a person and a manager. You will benefit from pragmatic ideas in a wide range of topics including managing your energy, authentic leadership, your brain on change, margin, resilience, and thinking time curated from over a decade of Tuesday’s Tremendous Tips.

Knowing how to identify the dynamics of your team, communicate clearly with everyone, and foster trust will reinforce your foundational skills as a manager to bridge the distance and support your virtual team.

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I look forward to speaking with you

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I look forward to speaking with you

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