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Change Leader Toolkit

A tool for Change Leaders and for those who are coaching Change Leaders.

Leadership is all about change. Your role involves leading changes that you initiate, as well as supporting changes that are started by other leaders in your organization. The Change Leader Toolkit is designed to help you do that.

What changes are essential for your organization's success?

There are likely more changes affecting your organization than you realize, and every change absorbs some of the change capacity of your people.

Your job is to lead change – if you don’t know everything that’s going on, how can you be effective?

There are lots of methodologies and tools for change management. The Change Leader Toolkit is designed to support you as you do the important work of leading multiple changes.

The Change Leader Toolkit is:

• Simple, with two worksheets to get you started and then a weekly action planner to keep you on track.

• Structured to help you gather the critical information.

• Successful! Your focused leadership makes all the difference to your team.

Cut through the confusion, reduce frustration and be a better leader in just 10 minutes a day!

The time you invest in understanding the changes affecting your team and creating a plan to track and manage those changes will have a profound impact on your ability to lead effectively.

Using the Change Leader Toolkit you will:

1. Inventory all changes using the Change Catalogue.
2. Determine the impact with the

Change Impact Assessment – capture a few details about each change and assess five factors of impact.
Change Success Brief – gather a deeper level of insight on each change by defining the description, purpose, promise, people and pace, plus key messages.

3. Plan your weekly actions using the 10 Minute Change Planner…

… then spend just ten minutes a day following your action plan to Change Leader success!

The toolkit is available as PDF downloads or as an MS OneNote Notebook.

What are you waiting for? Take ownership of your important role in leading change and put the Change Leader Toolkit to work for you!

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