Team Resources

Effective Meetings

How do you ensure that meetings are a good use of your team’s time? Many of us are routinely frustrated by the inefficiency of endless meetings, but we haven’t been told of a better way. Here are some suggestions for setting up and structuring effective meetings that maximize the benefit to all involved.


Effective Meetings 94.86 KB 668 downloads

Plan and prepare, effectively facilitate and then follow-up on meeting outcomes. Try our guide to effective meetings.

7 Steps to Project Management Success

Evaluate your project management discipline and improve your results using these 7 Steps to Project Management Success.


7 Steps to Project Management Success 89.92 KB 489 downloads

Evaluate Your Project Management Discipline, check out our 7 Steps to Project Management Success.

Team Charter

Spending some time early in the formation of a team to define what success looks like and set expectations will have a lasting impact on the effectiveness of the team. The Team Charter outlines some of the key discussion points for creating a team charter that documents what has been agreed on.


Team Charter 74.13 KB 425 downloads

Enhance the effectiveness of your team, invest the time necessary to understand what you will collectively accomplish.

Defining Goals

Goals worksheet who what when

This is a worksheet that can be used to clarify the “What by When by Who” details for achieving goals:

  • WHAT – clearly define what needs to be done
  • WHEN – then get agreement on when it will be done
  • WHO will do it, who needs to review or approve


W3 Goals 257.34 KB 110 downloads

Get clear on your goals.