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Culture and Change Management Checklist

Culturally Intelligent Change

Ignoring the “People” side of change just doesn’t work. Whatever methodology you use as a change leader, incorporating a Culturally Intelligent Change approach can dramatically increase your chances of success.

The Culturally Intelligent Change eBook explains how understanding and using the elements of culture as a guide will allow you to minimize or avoid the culture pitfalls that create change resistance, and drive sustainable change results. We’ve also distilled these ideas into the checklist that enables you to apply the 15 Key Culture Actions to your projects.

Culture Flashpoints Memo – M&A


Common mistakes during Mergers / Acquisitions

Culture is the shared beliefs, values and assumptions that drive behavior within an organization. Culture must be a focus during a merger or acquisition, because without intentional acculturation, culture will undermine value-creation. Sound financial analysis and execution is insufficient to achieve the assumed level of value during integration.

Avoid Value Erosion

Flashpoints emerge during a merger or acquisition when insufficient attention is given to identifying institutional behavior that needs to be sustained / changed. Flashpoints are emotionally significant traditions that create divisions and culture clashes which can quickly erode the intended value of the merger or acquisition.