Learn, Grow, Get Tuesday’s Tremendous Tips


Accelerated Growth

It’s great to have a stellar strategy but it’s better to have effective implementation. We worked with a large financial institution who was making a significant change to their strategy. By identifying and addressing cultural barriers, we helped the Executive Team create a high performance culture. They moved from 2% growth to 8% growth to 22% growth.  That’s accelerated growth through culture, change and leadership.

Created Capability

Created Capability. Change capacity is at a premium. Change capability is essential. We helped an insurance company assess their capacity, define their change capabilities and create a Strategic Change Office with a place on the executive team. This is full force focus on the strategic importance of change and how it can be used as an accelerant rather than an impediment to growth. The organization is thriving with increased capacity for change led by a network of Change Agents that serve as the formal grapevine. No wine is produced here, just effective communication and successful change throughout the organization.

Breathing your own exhaust will kill you

Isolation can befall CEOs and other organization leaders. People tell them what they believe they want to hear and they start breathing their own exhaust, leading to a distorted view. We helped several executives overcome this illness in the past several years by telling them the truth and helping him or her gain perspective. No one can take your mother’s place, but it’s helpful to find someone who doesn’t have “skin in the game” to give you feedback.

Create Clarity

What business are you in? Who is your customer? How do you explain your strategy?  Simple questions that unanswered create misaligned priorities, stagnant productivity and demotivated employees. We’ve helped leaders uncover roadblocks to implementing their strategic goals and create clarity that’s resulted in increased performance, profit and employee engagement.

Hit the reset button

Like computers, executives occasionally need to press the reset button or upgrade their “firmware.” Unfortunately, the daily grind of life can hold you back from your potential.  A VP of a financial services company worked with us to Deconstruct Her Future©.  The result was clarity of focus for the Executive and a fresh perspective on where to focus her strengths in order to maximize her success.

Achilles Heel

Most managers and leaders have chinks in their armor or underuse their strengths. We coached some talented people in the past few years to defy their deficiencies and more effectively leverage their strengths. The individuals gained confidence, and the companies accelerated their growth.

Plan for Growth

The leader of a high tech organization wanted to grow his firm but couldn’t articulate the right business model. We identified his options and created a plan that helped him achieve new levels of growth in the past two years.

Growing an organization is a blast!

However, it’s also hard work. It requires capital, a clear strategy, the correct people and the right systems. As pro bono facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Initiative, we guided a process to increase participation, resolve roadblocks and develop a strategy for the future direction.

7 Reasons to Work With Us

  • EXPERTISE – we are experts in tailoring repeatable, profitable, sustainable, principle based processes to help our clients achieve their goals
  • REALITY – We don’t always tell you what you want to hear. We guide with strong process, bring outside perspective and research, and challenge your thinking. We mine insights and ideas and then synthesize the facts to help you make the best possible business decisions.
  • LASTING IMPACT – Your people gain commitment, skills and tools. We create buy-in and energize your team, leveraging and developing their expertise and creativity.
  • BROAD EXPERIENCE – We’ve worked in 27 industries. From aerospace to insurance we’ve seen how organizations operate. We help you innovate new practices by borrowing from other disciplines and industries to get an unexpected advantage.
  • SPEED TO ACTION – We work to drive value to your bottom line fast, helping you to identify and accomplish the few key actions that will make the most difference to your ultimate success.
  • ETHICAL – You know your investment going in. Our projects are fixed-fee so there’s never a meter running. Our track record shows the multi-fold return of our fees in value to our clients.
  • FUN – We believe that life is a gift, that’s why they call it “the present.” We live life to the fullest and bring that sensibility to our clients.
Client Compliments

“They’re funny together. They’re disarmingly bullshit-free. They’re smart, thoughtful, direct. What’s unusual about them, they both care deeply about people and their bedside manner is unblinking. They keep it real. They never blow smoke up your skirt.“- K.B. - CEO
“Her specialty is transformational change. She’s like an architect of thought and change. She can envision and bring it to life and I’ve never seen that before.“-
“She’s markedly more competent than most people. She can organize things, acts as a catalyst to make things effective. She’s smart. She can say hard things that don’t alienate people and keep things moving quickly. She’s decisive.“-
“They’re foundational. It’s a big deal. Donna is strategic and is able to simplify the message. She offers a foundation for her perspective. She has a deep knowledge.“-
“I needed a flexible, down-to-earth organization. I needed a partner. That's why I chose Brighton Leadership Group from 17 change firms I interviewed. Donna presents a very bright picture. She’s a very positive influence in the organization.“- D.A. - Senior Vice President
“We need more Scott and Donna in our life.“-

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