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Good is the Enemy of the Best

Leadership is often talked about but there is no consistent definition. We define leadership as an influence relationship between leaders and followers for the achievement of a goal for good.

We believe the best leaders operate out of their unique strengths. They are competent in the basics and extraordinary in their strengths. Are your leaders working at their best?

Achieving Results through Great Leadership

Results happen when leaders leverage their strengths in the context of their environment.

We help leaders better understand their leadership context. We teach leaders a new way of being. Rather than reacting to change, they learn to harness the power, momentum and energy from change. Rather than fearing change, they embrace it and use it as a competitive advantage. How do you equip your leaders to accomplish their goals?

Leaders Are Learners

Leadership implies action. To improve action you must learn grow and develop.

We partner with organizations to deliver pragmatic solutions to build their leadership bench strength. You cannot replace your current talent, you must build for the future defined in your strategy. How are your leaders growing and developing to make your future happen?

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Essential Questions to Increase Your Change Effectiveness

Essential Questions to Increase Your Change Effectiveness

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Leading Change

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Transformational Leadership

James MacGregor Burns says that transformational leadership occurs when one or more persons engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality. Their purposes, which might have started out as separate but related, as in the case of transactional leadership, become fused. Power bases are linked not as counterweights but as mutual support for common purpose. (p.20 Burns, James MacGregor. 1978. Leadership. New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.)

Are you bringing your whole self to your leadership role? We coach leaders to help them reach their full potential by bringing their best to deliver leadership results in the context of their organizational culture.