From Methodology to Mindset

To become truly successful, you (and your team or organization) must move from methodology to mindset.
Whatever profession you are in, there are methodologies for excelling at your work. A methodology is a “body of practices, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline; a set of working methods.”  For example, a sales methodology provides specific practices for connecting with customers and closing a sale.
Organizations often focus on developing the methodology or set of rules, rather than making sure that their people shift their thinking and create new habits. The objective of a methodology should be to serve as a guideline that eventually becomes a mindset.
A habit or mindset doesn’t require documentation because the methodology has been integrated into the thought processes. The methodology becomes a routine part of how things get done.
You know you’re stuck in methodology when:

  • • Processes are followed or documentation is completed that add no value to the outcome but is required by “_______” (fill in the blank with your governance team or quality committee)
  • • Success is evaluated based on following the rules and processes rather than achieving the agreed upon outcomes
  • • You get stuck in a circuitous conversation about whether there should be five steps or nine steps; whether the process flow has the right number of supporting bullet points or if status should be reported in colors or numbers

Pay attention to the habits that need to be formed to achieve success.  Mindset trumps methodology, so focus on building the right mindset — not creating a world-class methodology.

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