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Do You Really Have a Team?

When is a team not a team?  When it’s really a group!  Real teams have a clearly defined mission for which they hold themselves mutually accountable and produce a collective outcome.  Just because people are gathered to do something does not automatically make them a team.  It takes intentional effort to move from being a group to a team.

A few distinctions between a team and a group include:

–   Team members have mutual group accountability and shared responsibility while members of a group have individual accountability

–   Teams collectively identify a common goal and approach while a group looks to the leader to define the goal and approach

–   Teams are small enough that they can connect and communicate easily and frequently

The president of a company and his executives are a group unless there is focused effort to build trust, achieve results and mutual accountability.

A group of people get on an elevator.  A team occurs when the elevator gets stuck!  A group has something in common with each other.  A team is more than a group; they have a common goal.  It is the shared goal that transforms them into a team of people working toward the same outcome – together.

There is a difference between a real team and a group.  Sometimes a group is good enough.  When you need a team, make sure you take the time and invest in creating the collaboration, shared goal and mutual accountability.

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