Constructive Conversations

How are your conversations? The quality of your conversation is an indicator of your workplace culture and a window into your team performance and effectiveness.
The key behaviors of a leader manifest through conversation. In fact, you could argue that leadership is a stream of conversation.
A constructive conversation is at the heart of leading well. It centers on a common purpose, makes a difference and is guided by a leader. A constructive conversation creates, refines and shares knowledge.
A constructive conversation:

Is a Dialogue Is not a debate
Is about Listening Is not about preparing an answer
Is about Being Open Is not about making judgments
Is about Connecting Is not about controlling

Constructive conversations happen when people feel safe enough to raise normally untouchable issues, challenge one another’s viewpoints and collaborate to resolve issues. As a leader, you’re the role model for the way conversations materialize. Your ability to conduct constructive conversations is an indispensable leadership tool.

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