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Why you should work with us

At Brighton Leadership Group, we know you want to be a mold-breaking, high-impact leader. We also know you want to use your unique skills, approach and perspective to lead in unexpected ways and achieve unprecedented results. Plain and simple, you want to win.

That’s easier said than done.

To accomplish your goals, you have to get your messages heard, your ideas adopted, and your people following you to achieve your bold vision.

The problem is that nobody acts as fast as you think. Your people don’t understand what you’re telling them and they’re not moving fast enough. As a result, they’re not doing what they should…they don’t take charge, they don’t follow the plan, and they don’t always think strategically.

Sometimes you feel frustrated that your people just aren’t getting it, worried that what needs to get done won’t get done when it needs to get done, or concerned that some disruptive change will come and derail everything you’ve been working toward. And — if you’re like most leaders with ambitious goals — it can leave you feeling overwhelmed at the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish.

At Brighton Leadership Group, we believe leadership doesn’t have to be this hard. And we believe that you deserve to have all the support you need to succeed at exponentially higher levels.

We know exactly what it’s like to face the frustrations, the unique challenges, and the isolation of leadership while accomplishing the impossible.

In fact, we not only work with some of the world’s largest and most influential brands, we have led our own organizations to achieve breakthrough results…and we’ve done it more than once.

Together we will:

    1. Create Your Common Reality – We work with you and your team to develop a shared understanding of your current reality.
    2. Define the Future in 3D – Together, we’ll unify everyone involved behind a crystal clear and compelling picture of what you want to achieve.
    3. Chart the Path – We create a customized approach for getting to your future. We’ll help you define exactly what it takes to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Schedule a call with us today so you can stop being stuck in the frustrating churn of poor performance and failed changes. We’ll help you to confidently create change that succeeds, become the leader that people passionately follow, and shape a strong, purposeful team to achieve and exceed your most ambitious goals.

Connect with us to get your messages heard, your ideas adopted, and your people following you to achieve your bold vision.

Organizations Improved
Leaders Impacted


Scott Beilke

Chief Executive Officer

Scott is a strategic advisor to executive teams and boards of large, mid-market and emerging organizations throughout the United States. In his previous position, Scott was a Senior Executive of a Wisconsin-based enterprise that was ranked 5th on the Inc. Magazine list of the nation’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies.
Skilled in helping senior leaders accelerate organizational strategy…

More about Scott

Donna Brighton

Chief Ideas Officer

A dynamic senior level executive recognized for a strong business acumen and translating strategy into results. Key strengths include the ability to deliver results, effectively influence and impact a wide range of audiences across organizational and cultural boundaries, facilitate teams through complex problem solving to action and create highly effective organizations with a collaborative leadership style.

More about Donna

Live Juicy
We believe in living life to the fullest;
squeeze the juice out of every moment
Our Philosophy
  • Respect – for each other, for the future and for the world we live in
  • Excellence – we expect the best and bring the best of ourselves to what we do
  • Courage – to communicate and act with integrity
  • Fun – we believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest
  • Wine – just wanted to see if you were paying attention 🙂

Our Fantastic Team

Brighton Leadership Group is based in Chicago, Illinois and has consultants located in the United States and around the world. As a Charter Member of the Summit Global Network, we partner with other members to deliver the best solutions for our clients. We do not manage a bench of consultants and assign people to projects so that everyone is billable. Brighton Leadership carefully selects the smartest, most talented individuals to meet your specific needs and create the most value for you.

Client Compliments and Comments

They are great partners; they put the customer first. They help you realize what you want to realize as far as growth. They are both people of good character. Donna is very authentic and genuine, that comes across.- Denise Froemming – Chief Executive Officer IREM
So many consultants come in with a formula and at best will tweak it a little. I never felt that with Brighton Leadership Group. They learned everything about our organization and became part of the team. I never felt they were in it for the money. They truly have a heart for improving your organization – it’s their mission.- Lynne Gordon Thomas – CEO AHIMA
They have tools to help you decide how you want to make changes. They have enormous expertise but are also great listeners. They come alongside you, and they know when to push and when to listen. They are flexible and take their cues from you.- Rev. Canon Michael Hunn – The Episcopal Church
Scott was able to ask questions you couldn’t wiggle out of. Not in an objectionable way. He asked the right questions. He has an intuition where he can cut through things and get to the heart of the matter quickly. He’s non-judgmental. He’s a great coach.- Walter Shaffer - Senior Director – CRU
We were working on our culture side. We needed to look at our culture. We were stodgy. They did a very nice job at dissecting that and getting to roadblocks.- D. A. - Senior Vice President – Major Life Insurance Company
They did fantastic work. The thing that’s really unusual about these guys: I trust them more than people I’ve spent more time. They’re deeply trustworthy. The depth of my friendship with them is accelerated with these guys is because of who they are. Their character, commitment, compassion, integrity. An hour with these guys is like a year with someone else.- Kirk Botula – Chief Executive Officer – CMMI
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